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Building Relationships

We have built solid relationships with music corporations and industry experts who can help grow the artists or clients career or brand.



Managing Your Career

We will help guide and serve as liaison with major business decisions. It’s safe to say that a manager is a vital part of an artist’s development.



Event and Production Services

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A great event starts with a strong team and great ideas, then ends with crowds and perfect execution!

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Company introduction

Here At LRG Entertainment

Welcome to LRG Entertainment, the woman-owned, minority-owned, and LGBTQ+ owned event coordination company that’s taking the Las Vegas music scene by storm!  But we don’t stop there – we’re also your go-to for hosting epic watch parties for out-of-towners and NFL fans! We have the perfect spaces to accommodate turn out events and create an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking for a venue to host a watch party or seeking the next big thing in live music, we’ve got you covered. With our commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and providing top-notch entertainment, we’re building a thriving music community that welcomes everyone. Get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience as we come together to celebrate music, sports, and good times. Let’s make it a party to remember!

Our Services:
Event Promotion and Production: We specialize in creating and promoting entertaining and profitable events. We work with promoters, venues, and sponsors to create unique experiences.

Artist Management: We provide comprehensive management services to help our clients succeed in the music industry. This includes artist branding, career planning, concert and tour management, booking, publicity, and more.

Artist Development: We assist our clients in developing their artistry and their brand. This includes music production, songwriting, performance coaching, music video production, and more.

Music Production: We provide music production services to help clients create professional-level recordings. This includes recording, mixing, mastering, and post-production.

Social Media Management: We help clients optimize their social media presence and reach. This includes content creation, community management, and analytics.

Marketing: We help our clients reach their target audiences through campaigns, advertising, influencer marketing, and more. We also provide market research services to help our clients better understand their markets. is what sets us apart from other entertainment companies.

Our Mission: In conclusion, LRG Entertainment Company, with its dedicated team of professionals, is committed to delivering the utmost quality entertainment experience to our valued clients. Choose us for a comprehensive range of services and experience the best Las Vegas has to offer.